About me

Safali Eugene Im Rwandan born and raised, 37 years, married, I begun sound for motion picture in 2007 on a French documentary, when I was assisting the Sound engineer. With two previous years being part of the unit department on two Canadian feature films, electronics and telecommunication in secondary school and pa sound system practices, it helped quickly began sound for film. At the same time combining it with entertainment industry related jobs.

From that day up to now, 12 years in sound and 14 in the industry, growing up along with the local industry, my career has been amazing, adventurous and fruitful in taking part in different projects and adding value to short and feature, documentaries and fictions also tv adds and corporate videos. Some of those project were recognized on world level and regional, as Academy Awards, Tribeca film festival, Zanzibar Film festival, …

Now fully freelancing in location sound for 4 years Im ready and dedicated in joining where duty calls.

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